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Russell Gallman - Certified Piano Technician


(770) 570-0356

Piano Repairs - Atlanta to Athens                      


Repair Rates:

  • Minimum Repair Call Charge - $110.00 (Applies to the 1st 1.5 hours of service).
  • Hourly Rate after initial 1.5 hour repair call @ $72.00 per hour.
  • Emergencies – Urgent care will be performed at $110.00 per hour.
  • Replacement Parts – Rates for parts are based upon current market value and availability.


Typical Repairs Available for Grands and Uprights:

  • Broken Strings – Splicing & Replacing
  • Sticky Keys
  • Sluggish Action Parts
  • Floppy Action Parts
  • Fractured Key Sticks
  • Instrument Cleaning
  • Hammer Reshaping
  • Problem Hammer Shanks
  • Noises – Buzzes, Rattles, Groans and Clicks Diagnostic
  • Pedal Issues – Damping, Shifting, Sostenuto, and Pedal Trap
  • Damper Troubles - After-ring, Swooshing, Oinking
  • Malfunctioning Notes
  • Glue Joint Failure
  • Artist Bench Problems
  • Sound Board, Plate, and Interior Cleaning
  • Full Service & Spiff Job Visits Available


Digital Piano Repair:   Russell does not provide repair services on digital pianos or keyboards.  Those instruments are actually computers, and will require attention by electronic specialists.  The following providers may be of assistance:

Pro Audio Video, Steve Lee - President
3566 Club Drive
Lawrenceville, GA  30044
(678) 380-8840 = Shop
(404) 895-5650 = Mobile

Note:  Russell has utilized Pro Audio Video to repair his personal Roland KC-1000 keyboard amplifier.  Steve at Pro Audio Video did excellent work with a reasonable turnaround time at a reasonable cost.  Pro Audio Video is a very professional service provider.

Wizard Electronics in Atlanta
554 Deering Road NW
Atlanta, GA  30309
(404) 325-4891

Victory Music in Duluth at the corner of Boggs Road and Hwy. 120
2227 Duluth HWY
Suite 109
Duluth, GA  30097
(770) 813-7719 = Store

Case Work & Finish Repairs:
Repairs for scratches, dings and dents are a specialty unto themselves that require someone trained in those skill sets.  Russell does not provided case work and finish repairs.  Please feel free to contact us for a referral.

Player Piano Services:
  Russell does not provide repair services on either old-fashioned paper roll player pianos or modern digital player systems.  Russell recommends that you contact the dealer where the piano was purchased to source a reputable person to work on the digital system.  For old fashioned paper roll player piano rebuild services, the following company has a good reputation:

The Antique Piano Shop

(770) 570-0356