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Russell Gallman - Certified Piano Technician

Business Hours

Sundays          Closed

Mondays         Closed  -  Special request tuning considered.

Tuesdays        9:30AM & 2:00PM

Wednesdays  9:30AM & 2:00PM 

Thursdays      9:30AM & 2:30PM

Fridays           9:30AM & 2:00PM

Saturdays      9:30AM & 2:00PM


 July 2021 Schedule


Russell will be focusing primarily on shop work projects and tuning for repeat biz customers only for July 2021.  If physically permitting, he will be having a small medical surgical procedure and at least one brief road trip for some needed empathetic human connection and a little vacation down time.  He will resume a mostly normal schedule by mid-August.

Sundays             Closed

Mondays            TBD

Tuesdays           TBD

Wednesdays     TBD

Thursdays         TBD

Fridays               TBD

Saturdays          TBD