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Considering a Pre-Owned Piano?

Inspect Before You Buy!


Atlanta. we need to have a talk.  Pianos are more like cars than they are violins.  They simply wear out.   If your time constraints permit, you need to know what you are buying.  You need to have the piano inspected.


Would you commit to a home or vehicle purchase without first having its condition assessed by a specialist?


Pre-Purchase Consultations and Inspections start for the cost of a Base Tuning Fee. Minimize the potential of costly choices. Written reports are available for an additional charge.  Please call Russell for specifics.

It is an awkward situation to arrive at a customer’s home for a tuning appointment and to inform the owners that their instrument is toast. But it does happen. One piano comes to mind. The customer had a 9-year old daughter who was enthusiastically and diligently exploring her newly found love for the piano. Consequently, a friend of the family had given their daughter a “charming” spinet that had once been the proud center piece in the “grandmother’s” home. The parents of the new piano student had just paid a piano mover $250.00 to relocate the piano to its newest residence. Upon arriving at the child’s home for the tuning appointment, I was informed that the spinet might have a sticky key. The scenario rapidly degraded as the instrument was opened up for a closer look. It was a COMPLETE disaster inside. Broken action components were hanging upside down and flopping around. Many of the keys would not move up and down. The insides were badly rusted. The bug damage by moths that thrive on felt cloth parts was extensive. And to make matters worse, the hammers were falling apart so badly that a previous owner had utilized trash can twist ties to cinch the hammer felt back together. And for the hammers that would stay intact long enough to occasionally strike the strings, the sound would ring on and on because the dampers had so badly decomposed that there was not any felt left to stop the strings from vibrating. In short, the instrument was finished. The potential costs to rebuild far exceeded the market value that could have been recovered upon completion of services provided. The owners of the “new” spinet were now faced with the possibility of having to pay someone to haul the piano to the dump.

Pre-Purchase Inspections and Consultations are recommended for residential owners as well as for places of worship. All too often, church facilities become “celestial” burying grounds for pianos that should actually be carted off to the landfill. Donated pianos come with “eternal” stipulations. Informed buying decisions will augment your experiences as a piano owner. To assess the potential value of a purchase visit, and by all means don’t be shy to visit the local piano dealerships. Informed reading can also be of significant benefit. Larry Fine authored a text that is available at The Piano Book by Mr. Fine is the go-to source for those who go the extra step in order to enhance their understanding of the piano. Currently, he is in the process of publishing a biannual supplement – The Acoustic & Digital Piano Buyer. Be on top of your game and spare yourself a lot of aggravation as well as wasted money!

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