Prime Piano Services

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Russell Gallman - Certified Piano Technician

Music Related Providers

                                                                                     Russell's Phone # - (770) 570-0356

Local Piano Teachers and Music Educators

Judy Harper - Piano Teacher, Duluth Area, (770) 476-3950
Dana Rice - Piano Teacher, Dacula Area, (404) 434-8645 - Fame School LLC,
Pamela Asberry - Piano Teacher, Dacula Area, (404) 434-8004 -
Teal Justice - Primarily On-Line Instruction for Piano/Flute, Lawrenceville Area, (770) 377-5406 -
Gloria Park - Piano Teacher, Suwanee Area , (678) 765-0235
Ms. Kim - The Atlanta Music Academy, Suwanee Area, (770) 614-8221
Judy Huang - Judy's Studio, Sugar Hill Area, (470) 848-8871,
Ipek Brooks PhD - The Piano Academy - Alpharetta, (404) 983-8299, or 

If you are needing advanced preparation for competitions, auditions in-person or recorded, pre-conservatory admissions, and advanced artisan, pro-level piano performance training, reach out to:
Ann Sun and Fred Hsian in Alpharetta at by phone at (770) 518-9859 (Landline) or (678) 697-2039 (Fred Cell), or (678) 697-2837 (Ann Cell).

One of Atlanta's leading jazz piano artists and instructor is Kevin Bales.  You can look him up through his website at, or you can try his cell number at (678) 595-0366.

A reliable way to locate a piano educator in your area here in Georgia is through the Georgia Music Teachers Association website.  Once in the Find-A-Teacher tab, there are three steps to complete: (1) Click your instrument or area of interest - i.e. "Piano", (2) Enter your mailing zip code, & (3) Press "Find Music Teachers."  It's quick and easy.

Local Artisan Level Piano Technicians 

The following individuals have had advanced training and experiences (i.e., extensive Steinway rebuilding, action reweighting backgrounds, CAUTs - College and University Techs), and their personalities make them uniquely qualified to provide piano related services to advanced, artisan musicians and pianists.  In my opinion, they are well suited to the roles of Artisan Piano Technicians.

Barbara Campbell (Nobbe), RPT @ (404) 884-5136
Kim Grattan, RPT @ (305) 647-8847
Texas Landon Galan, CPT (also UWO trained) @ (678) 395-1931

NOTE: Gabe Granitz has relocated to the state of Utah.  Texas is a long-time employee of the Bennett family at Piano Works in Duluth, GA.  I do not know if he provides services independently.  If you find that he does not respond to calls, then I would suggest that you reach out to Sam Bennett at Piano Works to retain his services.  Sam's contact number is 770.623.0683.  Piano Works in Duluth is perhaps the leading full-service piano provider in the Atlanta area.  Also note that Barbara Campbell is a long-time employee of Steinway Piano Galleries located near North Point Mall.  She has completed the Steinway training courses through Steinway & Sons, and her skill sets are highly advanced.  And a brief word about Kim.  She received her initial training with Larry Crabb's Piano Technology School in Tucker, GA many years back.  Afterward, she did her experience building years under the guidance of Piano Works in Duluth.  In a wise move, she retained the clientele of Joel Hassenritter as his life transitioned to another state.  Kim is a very talented, and very experienced artisan level piano tech.

General, Pre-Artisan Piano Technicians

Since I have been in this field for so many years, I have a fairly active and broad repeat biz customer base.  And there are times that I may be booked out 6 to 8 weeks during peak business seasons.  In addition, I am now in my 60s, and we know life comes with its unforeseen changes.  With that in mind, below are three General Service Techs who may be in better position to respond to short notice service requirements:

Larry Rhode @ (404) 394-2457
Gerald Freeman @ (404) 798-5912
Timothy Anderson @ (772) 919-2592


Long Distance & Local Piano Movers

Kevin & Hope Walter - Long Distance Piano Mover, Nationwide, (574) 674-6139

For Local Metro Atlanta and Short Out-of-State Piano Moving Services, I usually point people to one of our local small, independent operation movers: Danny Browning @ (678) 643-3998

Professional Recording Services

Martin (Marty) Kearns
The Recording Studio - Located in the Virginia Highlands Area
800 East Ave.
Atlanta, GA  30312

(404) 210-7460


Herb Avery (Owner)
(404) 312-2146

    (770) 570-0356