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Russell Gallman - Certified Piano Technician


Russell will be adding content to this new tab beginning Saturday, May 2, 2020.  He has been following data streams from several locations since mid-March, 2020.

Per his daily Corona briefings, Gov. Kemp is basing much of his reopening strategies on information that is currently available on the Georgia Department of Public Health website.  Please feel free to visit their site using the blue link below and begin recording info on your personal calendars to monitor conditions.

 Georgia Department of Public Health - COVID-19 Data Streams 

Edited Sunday, 5.31.2020 - Similar info is being made available on the AJC Corona Dashboard  link below in the event that GDPH temporarily restricts access while they update their graphs and presentations:

As we are all aware, this new SARS-COV-2 virus was doubling its footprint exponentially when Shelter-In-Place orders were being initiated across the globe.  Until vaccines are available and herd immunity has been established, we will all need to do our part to not spread this virus.

Russell currently plans on providing services 4 days per week while the pandemic runs its course.  He will begin reaching out to customers mid-May 2020, and he will turn on his reminder system around the same time.


Customer Actions to Assist Russell 

  1. If anyone in the customer's home or location has colds, influenza, unidentified illness, or has a fever, cough, shortness of breath, body pain, lost sense of smell, COVID toes, or other symptoms related to being COVID-19 compromised, please cancel and reschedule your piano tuning and repair appointment.  Cancellation penalties will be waived for the duration of this pandemic.
  2. It would be greatly appreciated if the customer can wear a face mask during interactions with Russell.  If you have ever walked through cigarette smoke or vape, then you have an idea how long the human breath can hang in the air while settling onto surfaces.
  3. Russell loves children and pets, and their curiosity for the piano, but until we are clear and out of danger of SARS-COV-2, he will need to be alone while providing services in your home, your safe space.
  4. Because of prostate issues, Russell will likely need access to a bathroom or powder room.  He will provide his own hand soap and hand towels.
  5. It is advisable that the door knobs and surfaced touched in your safe space be disinfected after Russell is gone.

Russell's Actions to Assist the Customer

  1. Russell will be bringing and using house slippers for the tuning visit.  A freshly cleaned pair will be used in each home.
  2. The piano keys will be disinfected before and after the tuning.
  3. Russell will likely be wearing dual mask configuration in the home.  The inner mask will be at least an N95.  The outer mask is to cover the N95 Cool Flow Valve.  He has a heavy duty respirator, but those can be very uncomfortable for long stretches of time, and covering the exhaust valve presents another hurdle to cross.
  4. Russell will bring and utilize hand sanitizer during the visit.
  5. Russell has a small supply of gloves.  They are very difficult to source as such items are being prioritized for medical professionals. Presently, if he has hang nails or cuts or sores on his hand(s), he will use a glove on that hand.  However, if the customers prefer that Russell use gloves during the visit, please inform him of your request.  Hand sanitizers will also be used while wearing gloves.
  6. If Russell contracts any colds, influenza, or has unidentified illness, or he has a fever, cough, shortness of breath, body pain, lost sense of smell, COVID toes, or other symptoms related to being COVID-19 compromised, he will cancel and reschedule the appointment.  And if he is aware of having been exposed to the virus, he will follow CDC guidelines to self-quarantine for observation.  For appointment conflicts, those will be canceled and rescheduled.
  7. Also, note that Russell has an allergic reaction cough from his previous career life in commercial carpentry.  Previous exposure to construction dusts - fiberglass, rock wool, drywall, acoustical, concrete, and asbestos - have left their mark.  Sometimes cooking smoke (i.e - bacon smoke), plug in air fresheners, bathroom clean agents and products, incense smoke, perfumes, paint and new floor finishes, and fresh cut flowers can irritate and trigger the cough.  In normal times, he would drink water and keep going; however, with COVID our radars perk up around coughing.  If he senses a reaction being triggered (say from a plug-in air freshener), he may go to his vehicle and put on the heavy duty respirator that has charcoal packs in the filters.  Russell calls it his Darth Vader mask.  It may look intimidating, but considering the times, it's a necessary "evil."

Feedback & Recommendations

Russell welcomes your feedback and recommendations.  This is new territory for all of us.  He is fortunate to have a line of work that makes people smile.  Honoring your health, your family's health, and your personal safe space is a high priority for him. 

Stay safe & vigilant!