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Russell Gallman - Certified Piano Technician


Dear Fellow Customers, Piano Lovers, Shoppers, and Curious Onlookers -

I am editing this page as of September 28, 2022.   As of this month, I have received all 5 of the Covid vaccines and boosters that are currently available.  For the immediate future, I will continue to arrive at the customers' homes with an N95 mask, but will ask if it is required by the customer before entering the home.  There are some areas like public restrooms where I prefer not to let the guard down since air circulation in those spaces may not be sufficient, and crowded cash register areas to can be a red flag zone.

My top most priority has been to protect and improve my personal fitness and wellbeing in order to always be prepared to provide the necessary care to my 90-year-old dad who was recently diagnosed with Stage 2 Parkinson's.  And along my personal ideals, I do my best not to spread harm.

The GDPH Covid-19 website has been accessible for this Omicron wave. For some reason, they turned it off during previous peaks and waves.  No doubt, the CDC will continue updating guidelines for post vax safety measures and vax boosters.  
Since March of 2020, I have accessed many sources, and The Georgia Department of Public Health’s COVID-19 link  has been beneficial to me to keep my finger on the pulse of the Covid impact in the various counties of my service radius.  They are now only updating their public data once per week on Wednesdays.  The current graphs show a sharp decline in the cases being reported.  I encourage folks to take a glance at their site for the current snap shot of our state and local counties:

 Georgia Department of Public Health - COVID-19 Data Streams 

Prior to the vaxes, CDC Guidelines maintained that exposure can happen with people 6 feet and less apart for a total of 15 minutes and more.  I will continue to arrive with an N95 rated mask.  Normally, I am alone with the piano after a few minutes of greetings and then a brief time again when complete.  We are all learning how to properly cope with and respond to this new reality.

A No Touch Payment Option - I still have a lot of customers who use checks, and that is fine by me.  But some customers prefer a no-touch exchange by using Zelle from their bank.  Once you attach Zelle to your checking, you can look me up by my phone number - (770) 570-0356.    I come up as Russ G. Gallman.  From there, follow the prompts.  The bank will text a 6-digit, no-fraud, security code to enter, then click Send and you are done.  The nice thing about Zelle is that there are no fees involved.  For first time Zelle users, it is only a momentary stretch out of the comfort zone.  It really is quite simple.  Credit cards are welcome for no-touch as well, but please see my Tuning Tab for swipe charge rates.

To visit the official CDC - Public Health Guidance for Community-Related Exposure website for the most current, up to date exposure criteria, please click the link below:

I continue to provide tuning services on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.  I occasionally provide a special request tuning on Mondays.

 If you or a family member is currently experiencing active Covid, or if you are not certain what is happening, PLEASE reschedule your appointment.